What types of items is a person who can not be sent?

What types of items is a person who can not be sent?

People ship goods worldwide, retail and specialty stores now have the option of ordering by phone or online and delivering their goods all over the world. There are some things that can not be sent via one of the usual carriers, many are common sense, but some may come as a surprise.

Something that is considered to be toxic or contagious

This includes a fairly wide range of chemicals and liquids, including toxins, body fluids, pesticides and harmful gases. The reasons for not being able to send these items are quite obvious. Having any contact with any of them can cause physical illness or, in some cases, death. No shipping company is willing to risk the lives or health of their employees by allowing the transport of toxic materials.

Explosives or volatile materials

No carrier would be more willing to handle explosives than they would have toxic materials. This could include simple fireworks and gunmunition, stains, dynamite, hand grenades, etc. Explosives can do just that - explode that depends on the strength can cause serious damage to all people and property near the area causing damage or even death. Although the package does not explode, many of the chemicals involved in the manufacture of explosives are caustic and if they come into contact with the skin or breathe in, it can cause a variety of health problems.

Corrosive agents

Acids, some detergents, lye, bleach, drain cleaner etc. All these agents can damage if they are affected, breathe in or taken in. If they are not properly packaged, many corrosives can eat through the outer layers of the packaging material and cause damage to someone or something they come into contact with.

Illegal drugs

This should be a no-brainer, illegal drugs are, as the name suggests, illegal - to have, use and send. Many people have tried and disappeared by sending illegal drugs in one way or another, whether it was hidden inside something in the package or simply slipping through the cracks, but trying to send illegal drugs is really a very bad idea. If you try to send illegal drugs and you get caught, it will be very serious consequences - probably with a long stay in the penitentiary.

Body parts or human remains

Human remains are not good, making them a less than wonderful candidate for regular shipping. Residues are similar to all other flesh and will begin to decompose quickly outside a cooled environment, so if a loved one passes while on a trip, you do not think you can use USPS to send them home for a proper funeral.

Cold Hard Cash

You can not send money by mail or any other type of messenger for the simple reason that it is impossible to insure you immediately. If the postal service made it possible for you to send and insure cash, every scam artist under the sun would insure empty packages for a thousand, ten thousand or one million dollars and say that the package was loaded with crisp hundred dollar bills and expected the carrier to give them The money when the package turned out was missing.

Any accelerant or combustible material

You can not deliver gasoline, kerosene, turpentine, dye or other types of solvents. Some of these chemicals are quick to ignite in the presence of extreme heat or open fire. Having them travel on a rough road behind a hundred and fifty degrees accompanied trailer is definitely a recipe for disaster that threw it in one hundred and fifty degrees of lager. If these chemicals end up in fire, the fire spreads quickly and can be very difficult to put out, possibly causing numerous damage and a lot of property damage.

Single joint carriers and freight companies can get a list of additional items they refuse to send, including prescription drugs, some medical supplies, some foods and many types of weapons. So if youre considering sending an item and are not sure if theres any concern about that item, its best to contact the operator you plan to use to find out for sure.

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